In addition to the personal pick up at Tako Foods warehouse, you can choose the service of our logistic partners - DPD and Zásilkovna (Packeta). DPD offers the option of delivery to your address, or shipment to a partner DPD delivery point / shop. Zásilkovna offers delivery only to a partner delivery point/ shop. These delivery points can be partner shops or self-service boxes.

If you want to send the goods to the delivery point, first choose the service - DPD or Zásilkovna. Then click on "Select delivery point" and a map will appear. The maps of both curriers are very similar. After entering your address, you are offered the nearest delivery points or popular boxes. As part of the filters, you can also choose partner shops that are open on the weekend or have barrier-free access. Click to select your delivery point and continue with the order. Please note that Frozen goods can be only be picked up in person at our warehouse.