Yutaka Sushi Roll Kit 260g

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A simple & easy 3 step recipe to create perfect sushi rolls. We provide everything you need. Step-by-step guide x 1, Boil in the bag rice 150g, Sushi seasoning 30ml, Nori sheets x 2, Rolling mat x 1, Sushi ginger 50g, Soy sauce 15ml, Wasabi paste 10g. Just add your favourite fillings. Yutaka sushi roll kit is fun and easy to use. It provides all the essentials to make the most popular types of sushi rolls. It’s the perfect size to make 2 chumaki rolls (medium size rolls usually with 2-3 fillings) or 4 hosomaki rolls (thin rolls usually with 1-2 fillings). You can also make 3 uramaki rolls (rolls with the nori on the inside and rice on the outside).

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